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Tumbling Coaching / Instruction With over 25 years experience, Brenna Jay, (studio owner) is one of Pittsburgh's most sought after tumbling coaches/instructors. She has an unheard of 98% success rate with hard to teach and fearful tumblers. Certified nationally & also through the AACCA for Safety & First Aid Training. Brenna Jay offers individualized plans specific for you, your child and the needs of the program or individual. Learn what you want how you want. Offering training for cheer & dance routines, tumbling, basic fundamentals, jumps, stunting or anything else your group, you or your child needs help with. Choose from a lesson in your home - we come to you!!! Or train at one of our locations. Whatever is most comfortable for you.
Minimum of 60 min - $75 per hour / CASH ONLY | Minimum of 3 sessions 

Private Lessons are scheduled by appointment. Call 412-969-8344 to schedule.  Consultations are free.  

*In Home Training is available for Private Lessons - We come to your home or location of your choice at no additional cost, for those in the PITTSBURGH AREA. 

FAQ: How much space do I need? A: You do not need as much space as you may think... a living room or den works great. We bring mats for in home tumbling training. Your lesson can be shared with up to 4 people. Divide the price - share the fun! Contact Us

GROUPS & TEAMS - Everything we offer to individuals we also offer to groups & teams. For a free consultation call 412-969-8344 or CONTACT US via Email

Getting The Most Out Of Tumbling Private Lessons
Tumbling private lessons are a valuable tool that help your child become the super-star tumbler they want to be. If your child dances or cheers on a team or is hoping to make a team don't think that a 45 min group class only once a week will be enough. Your child's team coach will be expecting them to have tumbling skills that most gymnasts spend 10-15 hours per week getting.

If you’re reading this as a parent, then I hope you already know the value that one-on-one training can provide. But just in case you were skeptical, allow me to share a quick fact…

I don’t know of a single high-level tumbler (whether in Cheer, Dance or Gymnastics) that didn’t take advantage of private tumbling lessons at some point in their training.
Now look, an athlete can definitely become a good tumbler by being part of a tumbling class. They’ll make steady progress IF and ONLY IF the coach knows what they’re doing. Often times gyms have a hard time finding GOOD Tumbling Coaches because let's face it "The Good Ones" are not easy to find. Nothing replaces the focused learning which only one-on-one training can provide. PHDC has an unheard of 100% success rate!

I routinely tell athletes that they can expect to do about a week’s worth of tumbling in a one hour session. This is why it costs you — the parent — a pretty penny. Over the years, I’ve heard too many parents' horror stories about putting their money towards private lessons with out seeing steady progress or coaches not knowing what they are doing. We hear these stories because they seek us out when they are ready to get serious about their child's training. Clients come to us through word of mouth (dance mom to dance mom) & or the coach's recommendation for supplemental training etc. We work with more than 60 Gyms and Studios in the Pittsburgh area. We feel honored to be trusted with their athletes.

The Golden Rule All Parents Should Remember…

Privates lessons are not like vending machines. In other words, you can’t expect to “pay” for a skill on one end, and have it get spit out the other... Here’s what you’re REALLY paying for: Competence. The Coach knows best - we do this day in and day out!   "Getting” a tumbling skill is a consequence of taking the right actions and doing the right things WHILE training. So the good news is that a focus on competence and skill mastery ultimately results in what you want as a parent anyway — your child getting the skill! See how that works? Approaching private lessons with the right mindset and attitude can make all the difference for both the parent and the athlete.