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C H E E R   &   D A N C E   M U S I C   S E R V I C E S 

One thing that can make or break any halftime or competitive routine is the cheer / dance mixes and how well the routine goes with that music. Making sure that the music mix you choose matches the needs and personality of your school, studio or cheer squad as well as being unique and clever can be a difficult task. 

That is where we come in WE ARE THE IDEA PEOPLE. With 30+ years in the industry and experience judging on a national level - PHDC knows exactly what you need to really show up and show out!!!! Set your team apart with a custom mix. Free consultations call 412-969-8344
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* 8  c o u n t   s p e c i f i c   |   i n c l u d e s   1   c o r r e c t i o n 

* O R I G I N A L   A L L - S T A R   M I X 

1 min or less (Max 18 8cts) - $335

1:01-1:30 (Max 27 8cts) - $530

1:31-2:00 (Max 36 8cts) - $570

2:01-2:30 (Max 45 8cts) - $650

* O R I G I N A L   D A N C E   T E A M   M I X 

1 min or less - $285

1:01-1:30 - $335

1:31-2:00 - $395

2:01-2:30 - $445

R E C .   L I M I T E D   M I X 
up to 1:30 | $330

up to 2:30 | $430

(see rec limited info below)
Rec Limited Mix: is an option for those who don't require as many mixing options, and want to save money while still keeping that professional sound! Please make sure you understand all the restrictions below. If you need more customization in your music, please use the all-star options. Must be a recreational or school team (College excluded) Fewer mixing options than a full custom mix No voice overs included No corrections included You may NOT supply 8count Sheets (or any form of routine layout)
Rec Limited is the perfect option for high school and rec teams who do not wish to buy pre-made music and do not want the expense of a full custom mix. Rec Limited is also a great option for coaches who wish to choreograph to the music. You provide us with the song selections (others may be added to fill time/transitions) and may request that the mix is broken up into two sections. You may also request the length of each section. Voice overs include team names and ONE cheer/chant/saying that you specify. (voice overs may be added for an additional $25.00 each) Rec Limited does not include any corrections (each set of corrections is an additional $50.00).
* O R I G I N A L   R E C .   M I X  

1 min or less (Max 18 -8cts) $315

1:01-1:30 (Max 27 -8cts) - $510

1:31-2:00 (Max 36 -8cts) - $550

* O R I G I N A L   S C H O O L   M I X 

1 min or less (Max 18 -8cts) $315

1:01-1:30 (Max 27 -8cts) - $510

1:31-2:00 (Max 36 -8cts) - $550

2:01-2:30 (Max 45 -8cts) - $635